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Certification and Credit Information
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Certification Information

James Madison University is proud to be an approved academic partner of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). The SHRM Essentials of HR Management and SHRM Learning System courses are offered in partnership with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and are taught by approved, certified instructors. The cost of enrollment includes all course materials but does not cover registration for the SHRM examinations. Visit the JMU Professional & Continuing Education (PCE) website for dates and times of upcoming courses.

SVSHRM offers the Emily Sterrett Scholarship to assist with tuition for the SHRM Essentials of HR Management and SHRM Learning System courses - click for information

Visit the HRCI Certification Preparation Provider Search to review HRCI certification prep courses.


SHRM and HRCI Credit Information


Shenandoah Valley SHRM applies for SHRM and HRCI credit for all monthly chapter meetings and annual special events.


Blue Ridge Community College offers courses each semester with pre-approved HRCI credit - click for the schedule

The SVSHRM calendar is searchable! All courses approved for credits can be found by clicking on the Category "Certification Credit Opportunity" in the Events Calendar.



New! Policy Changes to SHRM Recertification

SHRM is announcing several policy changes to SHRM Recertification, which will become effective August 1, 2019. We believe these changes will improve the member’s experience in maintaining their credential. Below please see full details on each change, benefits of the change and frequently asked questions (FAQs):

1. Earn and Record PDCs During the Grace Period

Effective August 1, 2019, SHRM Certification holders who are recertifying can earn PDCs for activities they participate in through their grace period (the 60-day period between their certification end date and expiration date). This is a change from the current policy which does not allow PDCs to be earned during the grace period.

Benefit Of This Change

SHRM Certification holders who recertify will be provided with more time to add activities to their account.

Key Points

  • Any PDCs earned during this period may be applied toward the recertification requirement.
  • There is no maximum on the amount of PDCs one can earn during this period except in the areas with PDC limits (i.e., Advance Your Organization category - 20 PDC limit and the Advance Your Profession category - 30 PDC limit.)
  • Since this activity is taking place after the regular recertification cycle, individuals taking advantage of this benefit will need to remit a $50 late fee (in addition to the recertification application) to recertify.


  • Do I have to do anything to take advantage of this benefit?All you need to do is continue earning your PDCs and adding them to your account until you have 60 or more on record. Once that is done submit your application, pay the required fee and you’re done!
  • Is there a cost involved?Yes, in some cases there may be a cost for learning activities, and in addition to the recertification application fee, a $50 late fee charge will be accessed for taking advantage of this benefit.

2. Immediately Begin Earning PDCs for New Recertification Cycle When You Recertify Early

Effective August 1, 2019, the new recertification cycle for SHRM Certification holders who recertify will begin the NEXT DAY after they recertify. Their end date will continue to be on the last day of their birth month. This is a change from the current policy that sets the new start date on the day AFTER the previous cycle’s end date.

Benefit of This Change

  • Allows individuals to begin earning PDCs in their new cycle right away (this is particularly advantageous to those who recertify early).
  • Those recertifying early may have more than 3 years in their new cycle. Note: Conversely, those recertifying late may have less than 3-years in their new cycle.


If a certification holder’s recertification end date is July 31, 2019 (last day of their birth month) and they recertify on May 15, 2019 their new cycle will begin on May 16, 2019, 12:00 AM and their end date will be July 31, 2022 (the last day of their birth month 3 years later).


  • The individual’s end date will not change.
  • The new cycle date will automatically update in the individuals account.

3. Carry Over a Maximum of 20 Credits to the Next Recertification Cycle

Effective August 1, 2019, SHRM Certification holders who recertify with more than 60 credits in their account will be able to carry over up to 20 credits to their new cycle. This is a change from the current policy which does not allow carry-over credits.

Benefit of This Change

  • Allows SHRM Certification holders who earn more than 60 credits the opportunity to get credit for up to 20 excess credits in their new cycle.

Key Points:

  • Individuals must have completed the recertification process (achieved recertification) with more than 60 credits in their account to carry over the excess.Individuals cannot carry over more than they have earned.
  • Maximum carry over is 20 credits per recertification cycle.
  • Carry-over credits will be autoloaded into the account and will appear as an activity in the Advance Your Education category.
  • Auto upload will appear in the account at the end of the month following recertification.


  • What if I wanted to add PDCs to my previous cycle?PDCs cannot be added to a previous cycle.
  • Are there certain types of PDCs that are eligible?All PDCs are created equal. All PDCs are eligible.
  • Will this new policy be applied retroactively, for example, I recertified in 2018 with 75 PDCs in my account, can I get credit for the 15 excess PDCs in my new cycle?We’re looking into it and if it changes we will notify all certificants.

Additional questions? Email SHRM Cert News at


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